A HeartWave is about connecting us to the deepest parts of ourselves through the power of movement and meditation, held safely as we journey in and out of relating, in and out of shadow, in and out of our fear. Above all HeartWave is a deeply liberating exploration of our inert yearning for belonging, connection and togetherness. A HeartWave is for everyone, no experience required, solo or couple – all is welcome! 

During a heartwave workshop we will co-create a safe container that allows us to drop deep within Self and dance through our unique inner landscape. After this self awakening we will explore our connection to Other in its’ many possible facets, sometimes playfully, sometimes sensually, sometimes fearfully. As we drop in and out of stillness into powerful movement we will co-create a unique field amongst us that will resonate deep into your days to come.

This workshop will be led through gentle guidance along the way. Your active participation is most welcome – no prior dance experience required. Just bring an open mind and heart! Be prepared to be moved …  (

HeartWave Dance workshops – who’s behind it…


Founder and Heart Wave Facilitator

“I love creating and holding sacred space so that magic can unfold. Nothing is more rewarding for me than seeing dancers opening up fully to themselves and each other! Let’s journey together…

I am also deeply moved to hold space for those willing to explore their inner landscapes through dance and movement, a journey that can be so deeply rewarding and liberating as we collectively step into togetherness, reaching out to ‘other’ in new and at times boundary breaking ways. We  will explore our bliss, trust, joy and wholeness as well as our hurt and wounding as we shine our light at our innermost gold (and shadow)

For more information, email dominik@heartwave.dance


Dominik has been passionately engaged in dance for over two decades, exploring performance, contemporary, contact dance as well as many forms of expressive dance styles. He draws from his rich experience as facilitator, combining dance, tantra and process work.

Dominik also has a long and colourful history that spans 2 decades of the UK’s most vibrant music events and festivals, running first the now legendary IDSpiral chill out, co-creating the Synergy Project and even earlier being part of the Warp Experience events. He is also well known for setting up the much loved optimum nutrition brand inSpiral and running the inSpiral Lounge in Camden for many years, an oasis for music and community lovers alike.



Coming from the stance of being a Dance Movement Psychotherapist myself and having attended a great variety of therapeutic dance schools of thought, (methods and approaches), I’d say that Dom brings a unique and very enjoyable flavour. My experience was of a safe and relaxed family ambience. His leadership enabled greater ease, simplicity and authenticity in making gentle and meaningful physical contact with others on the dance floor. I loved it and look forward to the next one 

Heartwave is more than just an exploration of dance. It’s an invitation into the deepest parts of me, explored through movement, in a safe and supportive space.
It’s a place where I can enter into conversation with my self and others through movement. Learning myself in solitude and in connection with others. I can show up exactly as I am on the day, be that highly energetic, tired, extrovert or introvert. Everything is welcome and all accepted.
I can’t recommend coming along to this magical environment enough. It’s like coming home …

Arriving at heart wave … Spacious light studio, welcoming smiles, feeling of something tender and beautiful about to unfold. As the music unfolds it slowly calls back to unravel, unfold, untangle from the old, it is safe here. Guidance is clear and non-invasive …opens process…it flows and supports and feels part of this web of togetherness that is beginning to form. Now realising I’m not alone in this rebirth …slowly connecting and weaving. As the dance unfolds energy beings to raise ..it’s exciting and blissful to share this pulse of life.

HeartWave genuinely provides an opportunity to connect deep into one’s own heart and soul, because Dominik sets a safe container within which we can open up. It’s also an opportunity to honour other people’s spirits, which is rare.

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