What should I wear?
It’s really easy: Wear what you feel comfortable to move in! Something that allows you free movement and that helps you cool down as it get’s hot. I’d also advise against tassles and dangly bits – let’s not get into a knot! But make it something you FEEL good in!
Do I need to be fit / flexible?
No not really! A Heart Wave is designed for everyone, regardless of your age, your health and your fitness. Of course you’ll get more out of it if you are able to move without pain, but even then you could just take it really slowly ¬†– you are in control…
Can I bring children?
Hmm, that’s a good question. I have kids too and I know what it’s like. Ideally you should come without the attachments as the Heart Wave is about really letting go, meditation, stillness and then deep meaningful connection with the other dancers. If bringing your child means you can’t let go then I’d say don’t do it. If your child is old enough to sit on the side and read a book or dare I say it be on a device then this is possible, ideally in the entrance hall. I don’t like stopping parents from coming as we often need this work the most, but you also have to be realistic and consider if your child might disrupt the experience of the other dancers, which is a big no no. So voila, I hope this helps a bit…
Can I come and just let go?
There are many dance courses out there that allow you to just let go, shake it all out and be in your own space / experience. A Heart Wave is different and it’s good to be aware of this. You will be asked to engage with the direction and guidance. The more you are able to go into the exercises and meditations the more you will benefit from this work. Yes it is an exercise in trust but one that rewards deeply. However it is also important to note that you always ONLY go as far you can and want, I will never force you to do anything that does not feel right (though I do encourage you to push through resistance and out of your comfort zone). Ultimately you are in charge – but we are buidling an experience together and connection with other dancers is an important and BEAUTIFUL aspect of this work – try it out!
Is intimacy an essential part of this workshop?
Yes and no – define intimacy! For me looking into the eyes of another being that is truly connected to who they really are is VERY intimate.

Will you be asked to be physically intimate with other dancers? At times this may be the invitation but we always work on connecting to our true boundaries first. You decide! You are always in control and figuring out where you are on this scale is deep, powerful learning. Intimacy is an expression of our innate yearning to be connected with each other, so the type of intimace ¬†that a Heart Wave encourages is respectful, delicate and AWARE. What fear does this bring up in you? Maybe you need to explore…